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Current and Near Future Available Fish

Posted by Gary Hull on

I often get asked what fish are available and will be available in the near future, so I've listed what is in stock and what will be in stock shortly.


  1. Paraiba  Dime Size - Available Now
  2. Paraiba Quarter Size - Available March 21st
  3. Philippine Blue Ghost Dime Size - Available Now
  4. Philippine Blue Ghost Quarter Size - Available April 15th
  5. Clown Dime Size - Available Now
  6. Clown Quarter Size - Available April 15th
  7. Silver Veil Dime Size - Available Now
  8. Silver Veil Quarter Size - Available March 21st
  9. Silver Standard Fin Dime Size - Available April 1st
  10. Koi Dime Size - Available April 15th
  11. High Coverage Koi Dime Size - Limited Quantity Available April 15th
  12. Sunset Pearlscale Dime Size - Available April 15th


  1. Red Albino Young - Available Now
  2. Red Albino Trio - Available April 1st
  3. Yellow Delta Young - Available April 1st
  4. Sky Blue Albino Young - Available April 1st
  5. Sky Blue Albino Trio - Available April 1st


Dime size Altum Flora will be available May 1st.

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