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Fishroom Post 1.1.2020

Posted by Gary Hull on

Happy New Year Fishkeepers!

Just wanted to take some time out from cleaning fish tanks to wish all our customers and followers a Happy New Year. Hoping that your fish keeping experiences this year are enjoyable and rewarding. 

As we plow through the next couple cold months, our goal is to grow out as many angelfish as possible to dime plus size in anticipation for a warm up in March and easier shipping. We are continuing to ship fish through Jan and Feb but have to raise the shipping cost slightly since all orders must be double boxed and include multiple heat packs.

We have removed all pea sized angelfish sales due to several complaints about the small size of the angelfish. We will now only sell dime sized angelfish and larger. When referring to the pea size, this meant that the body size of the fry were the size of a pea. Dime size means the body is the size of a dime and so on. I will post an article on angelfish sizing to our home page in the near future so those not familiar with angelfish sizes fully understand what to expect when ordering fish.

Last, I want to let everyone know that during the month of January, we will be sending a sample pack of our Brine Shrimp Flake food with each order. 

Happy Fishkeeping!


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