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Fishroom Post 1.3.2021

Posted by Gary Hull on

Hull Aquatics Fishroom Post 1.3.2021

After 5 months of waiting, our Bulgarian Green Seal Point angelfish have finally started to pair off. We started with 6 quarter sized young that have been housed together in a 30 gallon tank. 2 weeks ago, two were sparring in one end of the tank and 2 days later, laid eggs on a spawning cone. Although this was their first spawn and was fairly small, we do have 50 healthy young growing. If you have never heard of the Bulgarian Green Seal Point, it was originally discovered in 2013 by Raiko and Ilia Slavkov, proprietors of Malavi in Bulgaria. This potentially unique mutation was dubbed the Bulgarian Seal Point. It is believed that this is a recessive gene that was exposed through 10 years of inbreeding with Dark Gold Marble and Hybrid Dark lineages. The effect is that the new gene hides the black color in the body area. The black color in the area of the fins does not change. I have inserted some images of our Bulgarian Green Seal Points below so you can see the amazing green color and nice dark fins. We will be raising some of the young from this first batch for future breeders and will list the remaining ones on our website.

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