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Fishroom Post 6.15.19

Posted by Gary Hull on

Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there.

It's been a few weeks since my last post and I'm posting this on Saturday rather than Sunday due to my hectic schedule for Sunday. (The majority of which will involve getting boxes and labels ready for shipping fish on Monday) 

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the High Coverage Koi and when they will be available again. The 3 pairs that we have breeding are currently producing small batches of fry. I will have a limited amount available in July but will have to see how egg laying goes over the next several weeks. We also have the Classic Koi available and they are producing very well. We have 3 pair of them also and all 3 pair parent raise large batches of fry. These do have intense red/orange areas, but are not full coverage like the High Coverage Koi.

Our discus pairs are doing great but not very much success on raising the young. All pairs are laying and getting fry to the free swimming stage, but seem to eat the fry after a week or so. Artificially raising the fry has only produced small amounts past the free swimming stage and not enough to justify the effort.

I have also been growing out some amazing clown angels. Hoping to get a couple nice pairs out of the group. If I get more than 2 pair, I will put any extra pairs on the website for sale.

This week we have also received our LLC license from the state of Pennsylvania and will offer some limited aquarium maintenance to customers in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area.

Last, we received our order of embroidered t-shirts and will be putting them on the website this week. Cost will be $19.99 per shirt with free shipping.

Happy Fishkeeping!

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