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Seahorses Are Back!

Posted by Gary Hull on

We had success in the past with our Dwarf Seahorses and have recently purchased several pairs of a larger species (Hippocampus Erectus) to breed in our saltwater tanks. We purchased these breeders from a facility that specializes in captive bred seahorses. 

With our Dwarf Seahorses, the daily feeding consists of live newly hatched brine shrimp which realistically is not that hard to hatch on a daily basis. The great thing about the larger species is that they can easily be trained to take frozen mysis shrimp which can be purchased at most aquarium stores or online. The feeding literally takes only several minutes two to three times a day. The hardest part is waiting for the frozen cubes of shrimp to thaw.

I have attached a picture of some of our larger seahorses. I will also post some pics of the Dwarf Seahorses which are currently breeding like crazy in a couple of our 20 gallon saltwater tanks.

Happy Fishkeeping!

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