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Sunday Fishroom Post 11.24.2019

Posted by Gary Hull on

Good Evening Fellow Fishkeepers,

Well, it's been several weeks since I last posted. I do have a good excuse though, I quit my job at the Postal Service and took a 8-4 Monday through Friday position with a Non-Profit Organization that is closer to home. This will allow me to work with my fish more in the evenings and provide a much needed 2 day weekend every week! 

To bring everyone up to date on the fishroom, we have several pair of Classic Koi and High Coverage Koi laying eggs again. I have about 300 High Coverage Koi fry growing out in several tanks right now and should have these available for purchase at dime size before Christmas. 

The discus are still not spawning as I fast as I would like. Out of our 8 spawning pairs, only 1 pair are producing fry on a reoccurring basis. I'm going to give the discus 6 more months before I sell them and replace them with more Koi Angelfish pairs. The money I'm investing into the discus is just not paying off at this point.

I will also be listing several new guppy strains in the next several weeks which includes a Albino Red Panda, See Through Pignu, and See Through Koi. I expect to have young trios of all strains available by the end of December.

Last, I have listed some Brine Shrimp Hatching eggs at smaller amounts on our website. I know that $50 plus per can is expensive, so I have started to divide up some cans into smaller portions that are very affordable. If you raise guppies or angelfish fry, our brine shrimp eggs are a must! There is no other food out there that will match the nutritional value of freshly hatched brine shrimp.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and Happy Fishkeeping!


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