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Sunday Fishroom Post 3.10.19

Posted by Gary Hull on

I have a limited number of Superior Red Albino Guppy Trios available. These usually go pretty fast. I do have more males than females, so if your looking for extra males, send me an email and we can figure out a price. 

We are currently setting up an additional 10 30 gallon tanks to house more discus. Our current 2 pair of Altum Floras are refusing to breed, so we will move them to new tanks to see if we can trigger a spring breeding season.

Angels are doing great and breeding faster than I can keep up with. Except the High Coverage KOI, they are also refusing to breed like the discus. 

Since the warmer weather seems to be moving in, our shipping will be back on schedule. Monday, Tuesday, Wed, and Saturdays for live fish. Cold weather shipping is difficult as the heat packs are only good if temps are above freezing. 

Since we have begun selling Water Sprite live plants, the demand for them has outpaced the rate at which I can keep up with and we sold out within several weeks. I like using this plant in all my tanks as it helps keep the level of light from above the tank lower and therefore helps with algae growth. In addition, it is also great for removing nutrients from the water and giving the fish a sense of security.

Final thought for the day. I have been asked by several customers to put more updates out, so I will write a new blog at least every Sunday. Unfortunately, I work a full time job 6 days a week in addition to running our Aquatics business in my spare time before and after my regular job. I sincerely appreciate every purchase made and wish you the best of luck with your fish.





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