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Sunday Fishroom Post 3.31.19

Posted by Gary Hull on

Well, this week we received our young Blue Diamond discus. They range in size from 2-3 inches and are currently in a quarantine tank. In a couple weeks, we will transfer them to a 55 gallon grow out tank. Already showing some nice blue color.

Unfortunately, UPS messed up the shipping of our Blue Diamond and Red Turquoise Pairs. If all goes well this week, they will arrive on Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed as its always difficult to ship adult discus.

In addition to the discus, we have ordered some new guppy strains to add to our existing strains. The new strains are being imported from a breeder in Thialand and will arrive in the US this week. Hoping to have some of these new strains available on our website this summer.

We have also added another 4 tanks to our fishroom total this week and have started to cycle them. We will definitely need the room a couple weeks down the road. 

We made a nice discovery this week in our Koi Guppy tanks. Several males and females are exhibiting the see through trait and have been separated into their own tank to see if the trait breeds true. Although we do offer trio's of our Koi Guppys on the website, we will not offer the see through ones until I can determine if they breed true or not. More to come on these in the future...

Last, we will be listing some breeding pairs of angelfish on our website in the coming weeks. Since we are limited on space, we can only keep a few breeding pair of each strain. Many of our adults are pairing off and will be sold as proven pairs once they raise some fry to the wiggler stage.

Happy Fishkeeping!

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