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Sunday Fishroom Post 4.14.19

Posted by Gary Hull on

Last week we received our discus pairs with no issues. All of the pairs acclimated nicely and we even had one pair lay eggs. Unfortunately, after 2 days they ate them all. This happens quite a bit and I have found that most of my other pair of discus eat the eggs or wigglers the first 3 or 4 times they lay eggs. After that, they usually get the hang of it and start raising babies. I have posted a picture of the female blue diamond discus below. She did a great job at laying and fanning eggs. Not sure if it was her or the male that ate them. 

Red dragon guppies are finally starting to drop fry again. Should have trios available in June. Currently working on getting the nice mosaic pattern on both the caudal and dorsal fins to match.

We have some nice PB Smokey angelfish growing out as breeders. 75% of them are displaying pearlscales which is a nice surprise. I will only keep 6 so the remaining young adults will be listed on our website for sale. 

Our shipment of Brine Shrimp Flake food finally arrived so we will have plenty available for sale next week. I usually feed this 3 times a day and live baby brine shrimp once a day to the smaller fish (baby angels, guppies, etc).

Last, I have had several questions regarding my water parameters over the past couple weeks. Truthfully, I test for pH and ammonia. The pH in the tanks is usually around 7 but slightly less in the discus tanks due to the almond leaves that I keep in them. I also test to make sure the level of ammonia is low as this will cause issues. Usually spikes if there is too much uneaten food in the tanks or water changes are not completed weekly. The discus tanks get a 25% water change daily as they are more sensitive to water quality issues. Temps in the guppy tanks are kept at 78, Angelfish temps are kept at 82, and Discus temps are kept at 86. I don't usually test for water hardness or anything else.

Happy Fishkeeping!


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