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About Us

We decided to start an online presence in 2014 due to our increasing fish sales on eBay. The current website gives us the ability to sell our fish to anyone in the US without having to rely exclusively on eBay as a sales platform. Our setup includes over 100 tanks ranging in size from 2.5 to 55 gallons each. These are housed in a finished basement that has been converted into a fish hatchery. My wife, daughter, and I are the only employees, so we have very little overhead and can keep prices low. I have been raising various kinds of tropical and saltwater fish for over 40 years. We are hoping to one day open a retail store in order to allow the public to observe our hatchery operation in person. Please feel free to use the chat option on the home page or email at any time with questions or feedback on improvements as I'm always happy to talk fish!

Gary Hull

Owner, Hull Aquatics