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The questions below were asked by customers, so we are posting them in case others are looking for the same information.


Why do guppies tails split?

Based on my experience, guppies tails split for two reasons. The first reason is due to fighting or aggressive breeding behavior. If you have ever observed a male guppy trying to court a female, you understand how obsessed he can be. This includes hours of chasing the female(s) throughout the tank and displaying by spreading his fins and vibrating his body. The second reason is usually due to a fungal or bacterial infection caused by poor water quality. I routinely place males with split tails in medicated recovery containers until they heal, which can be several weeks. Anti-fungal and other medications can be purchased easily online or at your local fish store.

I was sent a tracking number but it is not showing any information, why?

Packages are usually shipped around 4 pm EST on Monday or Tuesday. The local Post Office does not scan the bin of packages usually until later in the evening. It may take several hours for your tracking number's information to update. We have also had instances where the tracking information did not show up until the package was delivered.

When will my order ship?

We ship orders usually within a couple days of the order being placed. Our Shipping days are Mon-Wed and Saturday. If the temperature here in the Pittsburgh area is not above 32 degrees, we will hold the order until the temperature gets above the freezing point. This is because the heat packs included with your order will not work effectively in temperatures below 32.