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Electric Blue Acara and New Fishroom

Posted by Gary Hull on

Our Electric Blue Acara have finally started to pair off and from what I can tell, we have at least 3 breeding pairs now. I have one batch of 100+ fry in a 2.5 gallon tank and hoping to have them available in a month or so. Another pair is actively laying eggs on a log in the tank as I write this post.

I have also completed my move from Ohio back to Mount Pleasant PA and have a little over half of my fish tanks setup and stocked. As I setup the remaining tanks, I hope to move into breeding Peacock Cichlids again in addition to guppies, plecos, and various other cichlids. My plan is to purchase the Peacock Cichlids from one of our long time customers and fellow fish breeders. (Ron R.) In addition, as I get more time, I will begin to publish posts on how I do things here in the fishroom. (hatching brine shrimp, breeding guppies, bagging fish for transport, etc.)

Until next time,

Enjoy The Fish.


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