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Sunday Fishroom Post 3.17.19

Posted by Gary Hull on

This week we managed to acquire another pair of discus. These are white pigeon discus. Hoping that once they settle in, that we can manage to get some young this summer. I've posted a picture of them below.

Also considering the purchase of a few more breeders from another discus breeder. The limiting factor is space which I'm running out of in the fishroom. Expansion will be limited until I can purchase a building or lease some space down the road.

We are also finally starting to get some fry from the Red Dragon guppies. They seem to produce smaller batches of fry than most of our other guppy strains, but they sure do throw some nice patterns. Also averaging 75% males out of each drop of fry so I will likely offer some male only listings on our site.

Clown angels are growing nicely and we finally have some at quarter plus size. Growing out a handful of future breeders so we have more to offer in the fall. 

A pair of our High Coverage Koi angelfish are finally showing signs of spawning so we may be able to offer some for sale this summer. Our Classic Koi pairs are spawning like champs and we currently have some nice dime sized young available.

We are also considering changing our shipping policy regarding refunds for shipping cost. Currently, we refund the shipping cost for DOAs which most others do not. Unfortunately with the extreme cold temps here in the Northeast this year, we have had to reship approximately 25% of our orders for Jan and Feb. My other option is to ship Express only Jan-Feb, which has not worked in the past as most customers will not pay $40+ to ship $30 worth of fish. 

Last, I finally have enough Albino Koi guppies to sell some trios. These are similar to our Albino Red guppies except they get a nice red spot on their nose and males do not get completely red. They do produce large batches of fry though once fully grown with 60+ being the norm.

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